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Private Events

Event Rental Pricing

All events are given a 4 hour time slot. Additionally you are given1hour prior to your event time and 30 minutes after to clean up.  If you need additional time it will be $100 an hour. 

The Lobby Jax includes a white photo wall, beer & wine bar with glasses included, 12 bar stools, stage and two bathrooms. All tables and chairs can be rented with the information under Add ons. 

* After receiving an invoice you have 48 hours to pay your deposit to hold you event day. If it is not paid in 48 hours it is opened back up for others to book. 

Corporate Weekday Event Space
Day Time Rental $100 an hour

Weekend Day Time Event Space
11-3pm $500 
12-4pm $600
Either time without bar $750
* Bar Spend $400 for each time slot

Weekday Night Event Space  M-W
5-9pm $600 without bar 
6-10pm $650 without bar
Both Times $500 with bar tab of $550

Weekend Night Time Event Space
7-11pm $1,200 without bar 
7-11pm $750 with $1,000 bar tab 
8-12pm $850 with $1,000bar tab

All bar tabs include beer, wine, seltzers, champagne and fireball shots. 

** Bringing your own liquor with no lobby bar service is an extra $500 fee additional to the event rental.

** Bringing your own liquor, but using our beer and wine service is a $250 fee additional to the
event rental fee.

Bar/ Bar Tab Info:
Our Bar has beer, wine, seltzers & champagne

Event hosts can decide to pay the full bar tab or have guests pay for their own drinks. You can even pass out drink tickets or pay for the first 2 hours and then open it up to a cash bar. You decide and let us know! 
**If the host has their guests pay the host is still responsible for the remaining bar tab bill if the minimum is not met. 

If you wish to provide your own alcohol, you must have Host Liquor Liability Insurance.
You may only provide your own Liquor. You must hire a licensed and insured bartender and provide your own bar table, ice, glassware, coolers and bar cart/ table.
Please provide us all insurance documents.
All Beer, wine, champagne and seltzers have to be purchased through us during your event. Our bar service includes a bartender, ice and glassware. Please insure yourself and The Lobby Jax for1 Million dollars and present it day of your event.

Contact for your insurance policy. 
Parking Info:
* We ask all hosts to either have valet or ask for their guests to use a ride share service due to minimum parking spots.
* Please tell your guests to not block the sidewalks next to our building. The city will ticket them $50. 

Valet is required for over 25 guests - $350

Cleaning info: 
$150 cleaning fee on every event 
$100 cleaning fee for throw up
$100 fee for ripping the paint off of the wall
Space add ons: 
2 6ft tables included in space rental 

Tables & Chairs not included in space rental 

Muralist, DJ, Catering & Other add ons
Click Here for our favorite Vendors 

All tables will come with a black or white linen 

6ft tables - seats 6 per table,
also used for catering and gifts $8

48" low round tables - seats 5 per table $8

32" cocktail tables - seats 3 or 4 per table,
also used for standing  $6

White or black folded chairs $1.50 per chair

Black metal low chairs $1.50 per chair Max* 12

Black metal cocktail chairs $1.50 per chair Max* 16 

Projector: $50

360 Photo booth $200 for an event 

*Ask for this add on in additional information
Please let us know how many tables and chairs you would like to rent in order for us to give you a quote. 

Viewing the space:
In the additional information box please request to view the space before your event!

Cancellation Policy: 
Hold Date $150 non refundable
Cancel 1month prior to event 10% event of rental space
Cancel 7 days prior 50% of our event rental space
 Cancel any time after 7 days prior to your event it will be a full charge of our event rental space

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